What the book covers .......

Teen Years
What to expect.  The teen pros and cons

Knowing and Liking Yourself
Building self esteem.  Looking at what is good about you.  Self test.

Dealing with Problems
How to accept, cope and take action on problems teens face.  Examples and answers.  A budget.

Handling your Emotions
Common emotions fo teenage girls and answers on dealing with each one.  Self test.

Building Friendships with Girls
How to be a friend.  The good and bad traits for friendships.  Friend test.

Boys vs. Girls - 
Differences in boys and girls in how they think, act react and mature.  Building boy friendships. 

Getting out of Bad Situations
Ways to get out of touch situations.  Lines boys use and answer.  Making choices

Understanding Sex
Differences in boys' reactions and girls'.  Consequences.  How to know whether you are ready for sex.

Mistakes - Never too Late
Common serious mistakes are not the end of the world.  Ways to change and start over.  Exact things you can do.  Topics:  Choosing wrong friends, being promiscuous, drugs and alcohol, getting pregnant, molestation and controlling/abusive boyfriends.

Goals, Dreams and You
What do you want to do with your life?  How to achieve these goals.

Questions and Answers
Personal.  Boys, Parents and General Information.